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10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello,

    I am planning to study to the USA next year and I would like to know more about your scholarship programs for graduate students. Do you have one? What are your criteria?

    Many thanks


  2. HI Everybody. I’m member of Greenwich CT, USA club and I need help. I’m gone by wide format printer from company in Jakarta. This is name and address of this company:
    Duta Print
    Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 36 Wisma Benhil Suite 307 3rd Fl
    Jakarta – 12880
    Phone Contact : +62 813 6127 9307
    I’ve never had any business with this company and I have to transfer some money to them. Can you find out if this is legitimated company, so I can send my money? I’m really appreciate your help. Thank you. David Goldvug. My email:

  3. Dear Sir/Ma’am,
    Respectful greetings.
    I am planning to take up graduate studies at one of the top schools around.
    Currently I have applied to University of Cambridge and I would like to sincerely check about scholarship that the Rotary Club offers.
    Please advice me on this.

    Thank you for your kind help, I appreciate it.

    I can be contacted through email at:

  4. Dear Sir/Ma’am
    Me and my other six friends are planning to participate the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) and we need rotary club’s support. Can we meet rotary club members? tq :)

  5. Hello,

    I had your contact by my mother, Anne Duigou, a former rotarian, sponsored by Rotary Club of Cholet, France (Karim Gassem is her guarantor).

    As a second year student engineer, in environmental sector, at ENTPE, Lyon, I offer my application for an internship year for a period of five months from April 2014.

    This course , which is part of the educational project of my engineering background , I will open the way to a better understanding of the world of work and gain first expertise and know- be as a professional .

    Real scenario in business, it aims to discover the engineering professions through active integration into a team and through a personal technical production activity. The work performed correspond to what is called an engineer early career . In addition to the technical production work , a job analysis of social relations within a professional group will also be conducted .

    Because environment engineering profession in a company as a water, biodiversity or waste treatment company and a possible opening to the international interest me , I wish you interested in my services as part of this course .

    Do you think having the possibility to help me in my search for an internship?

    You will find enclosed the documents that will bring you details about my training and the characteristics of the training I need to do, and my resume.
    Me standing at your disposal to get to know , please receive my best regards .

    Clara MOUTON

  6. Hi.

    I am a Medical Doctor who has positive future goal to continue my Master Degree.

    I have applied and received LoA from Master of International Health in Netherlands.

    Currently, I am looking for a scholarship or funding support to enroll into the faculty and fulfill living allowance in Netherlands.

    Thank you so much.

  7. Selamat sore Rotary Club Jakarta Batavia,

    Perkenalkan saya Anytha dari Fortune PR Jakarta mewakili klien kami yaitu sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang fashion, khususnya batik tradisional Indonesia.

    Sehubungan dengan bentuk dukungan terhadap perkembangan komunitas-komunitas lifestyle di Indonesia, klien kami ingin mengajak Rotary Club Jakarta Batavia untuk bergabung dalam community gathering yang akan disponsori oleh klien kami tersebut.

    Community gathering ini bertujuan untuk mengeksplore lebh dalam lagi apa saja yang menjadi potensi komunitas untuk menjadi semakin berkembang, sekaligus sebagai wadah kegiatan dan aspirasi komunitas Rotary Club Jakarta Batavia dalam berkarya.

    Demikian saya sampaikan, dan ditunggu kabar baiknya dari Rotary Club Jakarta Batavia :)

    Many thanks in advance and have a great Thursday! :)


  8. Hi Rotary,

    How are you?
    Hoping you is good and nice to know you.

    My name is Romero an undergraduate student, majoring in International Relations program.

    I knew Rotary from my partner in Australia.
    Actually, I am looking for the sponsorship of my education to support me in the midway of graduation. Now I am in 5th Semester and I am studying in one of International University at Jakarta. I felt stucking and did not know how to do something for my higher education. The financial of my family is unstable and honestly I break for a while of my studying and would like to pursue Mandarin and Spanish languages program to complete of my goals in accomplishing my interest of International Languages. I have already learnt the Deutsch and Francais and it is very helpful for me regarding my major.

    I heard that Rotary International can advanced the higher education. This is the main reason I contact you for helping and supporting me in my tuition fees of my education.

    Could you help me regarding this matter?
    Please advise and I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Thank you so much and hopefully you contact me as soon as possible. I really need your kind support.

    Kind regards,


  9. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    It’s always be my dream to study for doctorate degree overseas and afterwards come back and making contribution for my country. Furthermore I got accepted on Curtin University in Perth. However, I got some financial issues which make me unable to pursue my doctorate degree

    Kindly advice me about the scholarships that the rotary club offers.

    Thank you for your kind help, I appreciate it.

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